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i'm not like other girls. i'm not a goth furry programmer witch with three girlfriends

ich verstehe twitter trends nicht aber mein kopf bastelt mit woertern immer verstoerende scheisse

It's Chelsea Manning’s birthday on December 17th!

Cards aren't allowed, but letters are & printouts of photos of cards should be ok.

Here's her mailing address:

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center
2001 Mill Road
Alexandria, VA 22314

selfie ec 

is it mean to request that, next time i need something from her, she should just send a draft via mail and i'll fix all the mistakes and send it back?

and i am even less certain that she listens to me at all, she gets so many things wrong... and i told her that

she also made several typos and managed to spell my name wrong, _again_ (and in the same way)

my therapist just described me as having "average intelligence"

uspol, ukpol, voting/not voting discourse 

Also dieser neue Business Flexpreis ΓΌberzeugt mich schon sehr. Premium Produkt.

usb PD netzteil laedt tablet nicht, wenn zuerst der verbinder eingesteckt wird und dann das netzteil netzspannung bekommt. modern hardware was a mistake

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