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wanna cuddle cuties,, looking forward to whenever its safe uwu

education system ranting 

education / learning could be *so* good

but for some reason* we can't make a system where people can follow their curiosity, interests, where they can live out their creativity and grow as people

knowledge needs to be accessible and free.

learning is not busywork.
our education system is fucked.
people need to be free to learn what they want.

i'm not sure what more to say tbh.
i'm just mad that i was forced to waste years of my life in this system.
- 🧑

* capitalism

[anarchist voice] parents are cops if you think about it

autism polls incoming 

#actuallyautistic people:

Have you ever had autism as a special interest?

"Something related" might mean something like psychology, neurodiversity etc.

If you've had a SpIn that was more specific (like a specific autistic trait, your own autism, the history of diagnosing autism...) but still specifically about autism, that falls under "yes"

Ich will unser Dorfgemeinschaftshaus mit WiFi ausstatten. Ein großer Saal für 300 Personen, 3-4 dezentrale kleinere RÀume. CAT 7 liegt in der Wand. Was, wenn Uniquity, was gÀbe es für Alternativen? Hab das Gefühl dass bei Ubiquity die Firmware eher der Schwachpunkt ist.

OH: no you can't be a cute mess!! that'd imply i'm cute!! only mess!! no cute!!

cc @transcaffeine

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