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OH: "wieso sind wir mit ihr zusammen?" - "ganz ehrlich - fuer den kaffee im bett"

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Selective blindness? Yeah I was looking up the definition in a dictionary recently, but I just couldn't find it

gitlab why 

gitlab be like: "source branch does not exist"
ah yes, i pushed it into nowhere, mhmmm


A short guide to Corona tests:
The C stands for Corona
The T stands for tuberculosis
The S stands for "oh shit"


>Plugins augment Ansible’s core functionality with logic and features that are accessible to all modules. Ansible collections include a number of handy plugins, and you can easily write your own. All plugins must:

> - be written in Python hello

Blocking my T by throwing androcur into the teapot

So you take a bus lane, and then just allow any car with two people onto it. Really genius politics there.

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I just learned about (American) carpool lanes and like... Wtf they made that for real?!?!
Just. Build. A. Damn. Train!!

developer personality quiz (now you can actually take it) (cursed) 

should do a bad meier-briggs clone with like those questions, then you can be like "i'm an INFP developer, just like stallman!"

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developer personality quiz (now you can actually take it) 

drop your gender below

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i still have some fried lasagna burgers in the freezer

You might have heard of lasagna-burger, now get ready for spinach-tortellini-casserole

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