the loading indicator of is now a bun

bodies, anarpol 

it is a beautiful day on the mastodon and i think i will cause discourse on purpose

NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

it's transphobic that sex characteristics and reproductive systems are smth we're born with and not opt-in tbh

tired: fortnite
wired: fortnight
inspired: fourghtnight

asmr where cute girls talk softly to you is embarrassingly my shit

oh your cis?
did you have [whispering] the surgery??

okay, queer villains, sure, but what about a queer hero seducing villains out of their selfish ways and into protecting the community against the corrupt system and other, more dangerous villains

it's done.

the curse is broken.

i'm not that person anymore. and i never will be.

I drink more tea than you probably expect

I am a:
β­• man
β­• woman
πŸ”΄ dipshit

looking for:
β­• men
β­• women
πŸ”΄ jackwagons, knuckleheads, oafs

im gonna bake so many cookies that i violate the GDPR

Dear United Kingdom,

why we can’t just stay together? 😒

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