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I guess Nextcloud having an option for built-in fediverse clients is a nice starting point for people starting out in self-hosting

IMPORTANT: Synapse 1.15.2 is a security release with fixes for two separate problems. Upgrade now and read more at

symptoms of 𝚌 𝚘 πš– πš™ 𝚞 𝚝 𝚎 πš› 𝚜 may include mild user sadness, moderate user horniness, Microsoft Windows, and multiple large boxes labeled β€œcables” preceded by zero or more swears and followed by zero or more question marks

[Cw: Selfie / Eyes contact /Deux meuf niaise uwu]

Yeah we gay, keep scrolling ✨

Menstruationstassen sind jetzt wohl im Mainstream angekommen, selbst Always hat jetzt welche

this is one of the foundation's greatest weapons: it determines what's anomalous and what isn't. their definitions of normality give them authority to contain anything that breaks their scientific mold.

this has been explored in several tales and entries.

this has been explored further in the works of foucault.

for instance, if the foundation deemed binary gender "normality" and deviations a memetic anomaly, there would be nothing stopping them from containing nonbinary gender.

the medical establishment keeps doing this (and similar things, and worse things) irl.

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Austin Evans was quicker to play around with insane I/O Configurations on the GPD Win Max than LTT. Finally, a GPD Handheld with Thunderbolt, this is the amazing stuff i love to see

I'm so gay dude like wow girls I mean omg look at you how are you all so beautiful


"Pride is not for teens" is a thing people are legit saying now? Are there really people out there saying queer teens shouldn't go to pride???????

transphobia, antiblack violence, death 

and two more black trans women were murdered in the last week, dominique "rem'mie" fells and riah milton

rest in power

remember always who faces the brunt of physical violence in the trans community, donate to funds for black trans ppl, and please god hold onto who we know as they live instead of only learning about them after they die

Kennt sich hier noch wer mit TI-82, TiLP, (Cr)ASH und SuperMario von Sam Heald aus?

sex, tmi 

remembering how the last girl i hooked up with purred in bed and wow am i gay and lonely

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