Nazi meta nazis gtfo 

Nazi meta nazis gtfo 

Fernverkehrsticket-Sparangebote! :boost_ok: 

Ich beneide ja Leute mit non IPS Display. Die brauchen keine Sichtschutzfolie im Zug.

Das firmenintranet liest sich wie YT-kommentare - nur werden die dafür bezahlt

`wall` in a shared server is not the same as an intranet forum!

like tbh hrt is the most basic form of biohacking and already im running into weird errors and side effects that i don't like but just have to deal with, imagine how much worse it would be with actual software plugged into your nervous system - even assuming it's all open source and not inherently exploitative in ways meant to lock you into corporate ecosystems and turn your every bowel movement into marketing data

the world has so many cute baristas smh, this is the least problem problem i've ever had

honestly, it's valid to boost every good post you e ever made. gets em back into circulation, y'know? keep going off king, don't let anybody stop you

Polizeigewalt, Tod, Technofestival Nantes 

Gab blocking an instance because “you can’t just abuse us 24/7” is GOLDEN

not deplatforming nazis is deplatforming everyone else

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