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oh nein!

(ja gut, updaten ist wichtig und so, aber der versionserkenner von der Spk ist kaputt - mein firefox ist relativ aktuell)

J'ai besoin de trucs wholesome svp, genre des trucs chou qui redonne le sourire

there are a lot of reasons to be polyamorous but if we're being honest we all know the true reason: the secret desire to pilot a robot jaguar and form a giant mecha with all your partners

OH: "Du wolltest bestraft werden - da hab ich dir die entropia-mailingliste vorgelesen"

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

possibly bad programming take 

People giving generics generic names causes me pain, it's not an excuse to suddenly drop all naming conventions

transfems 🀝 other transfems
holy shit have u seen mia mulder

Hier kΓΆnnt ihr die DLRG in der Beschaffung bestmΓΆglicher Ausstattung unterstΓΌtzen.

"ich habe mein leben im griff"
- johanna transcaffeine, 2021

What if

Water elemental girlfriend so you're always hydrated in the summer :blob_cat_sip:

work week #1: let's dress up like a sexy mature office lady in black stockings and reserve 45min for full makeup

work week #3: eh whatever "overslept smudgy black pencil and last night's bar clothes still with the scent of enbyfriend's body" is a look

I lost my blahaj at Frankfurt Mainstation today. As it's my comforting plushie it's very important to me. I probably lost it on the way from the south entrance to platform 10. Any help is appreciated. :boost_ok:

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