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Lebe so, dass Neonazis sich nicht mit dir fotografieren lassen wollen.

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boost if you have a cat
boost if you want a cat
boost if you are a cat
no one will know which

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Reminder that just because you’ve been through worse, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bad stuff now

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new stock romantic archetype for the 2020s:

starts off strong, with unsustainable but impressive romantic hyperfocus. perfect dates. home baked snacks. long 3am chats.

and then something comes up, and she genuinely, if hopefully temporarily, forgets you exist. she thinks your last real date was three weeks ago. it was three months.

be patient with the ADHDere, if you can. she might be worth it.

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We called her Needle because that's what her teeth and claws felt like every time she tried to play.

She learned to play gentler, as she grew larger and more affectionate; we'd jokingly call her Needly.

Being a cat she didn't care of course, so long as she got cuddles and food, which we provided in healthy proportions.

When the baby came along she began using her needles again; on the imps who tried to harm her new sibling.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #UrbanFantasy

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For any trans people who need to hear this:

Your body is beautiful. You're worthy of being desired, if that's something you want.

Whether you choose to transition (and in whatever direction you want), and wherever you are in that process -- you're seen, you are believed, and I'm proud to be your sibling.

When you look in the mirror, you deserve to hear, "Hey, Beautiful." If you don't hear it in your voice, hear it in mine.

Your strength is incredible. You come from a long tradition of transgender people, stretching back to the earliest days of humanity.

Let the haters shout into the void. You don't need to. The Void already loves you. ✨​

(cis people please boost)

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the deal with thee/thou vs. you was that thee/thou was more personal/intimate, while 'you' was more formal

then english got over having grammatical relationship distance in pronouns & used 'you' everywhere

so when someone in an old-timey story says "Have at thee, villain!", they're actually flirting

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Why is nobody talking about genetically engineered catboys or catenbies too? I mean I would not be complaining about cuddles from them any more than from catgirls

That being, I just wouldn't complain

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Not only did we prove our universe was a simulation, but we’ve probed the hardware our simulation is running on.

Well, I say “hardware”, but we think our universe is running under a hypervisor, collocated with other universes. And thanks to a communication backchannel vulnerability in that hypervisor, we’re able to talk with one of those universes.

Now we think we’ve found a privilege escalation, so once we’ve contacted all the other universes, we’re going to try and get root.


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Friendly reminder: Kirchenaustritt und die Knete an gemeinnützige Vereine spenden. :boost_ok:

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@maris What is Schlaf? Baby don't wake me, don't wake me, no more

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Watching my federated timeline and seeing weird domain names makes me happy

I mean, like,

This is the good internet

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The human space armada had similar size as the aliens', similar armour and armaments. It should have been close.
But the aliens won convincingly, after human pilots hesitated before taking shots.
"Who," the admiral sighed, "told the aliens to put googly eyes on their ships?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Nutzt ihr eigentlich die einfache Oberfläche von Mastodon oder die mit mehreren Spalten?

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mh psa, types of self-destruction amd self-harm that are less obvious 

Hey kiddos! Remember that depression crisis doesnt just manifest itself in self harm and suicide ideation! Heres a couple things to watch out for from your friends!

- Professional/Career Suicide (i could never be successful, i am just quitting because im awful)
- Social Media Suicide (deleting profiles, heavily modifying online presence)
- Social Suicide (my friends all hate me im sure so im not even going to bother saying yes to an invite or reaching out)
- Self-Destructive Language (using language that makes them out to be the villain or the problem)

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Alerta! TW Rassismus 

Am Dienstag werden deutschlandweit Faschos schwarze Kreuze aufstellen "um den deutschen opfern nicht-deutscher Täter zu gedenken" - haltet die Augen auf, schaut euch überall um und entfernt den Scheiß!


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