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The Legend of Zelda: Link in The Description

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message for cis allies & all who need to hear 

"Trans men are real men/trans women are real women" should be taken as an as easy to swallow and on the same level of logic as "married gay couples are really married"

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I want to do a "How to tuck Video" but it's just me warping a cutie into a blanket burrito.

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Oh you're a cisgender parent? Name all your children

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Some advice for drivers:

When a cyclist is taking the middle of a lane, and thus making it so you can't pass them without changing lanes, they know what they're doing, and the entire point is that you can't pass without moving into the next lane over.

You're welcome!

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magical girl team show except it's about their moms, former magical girls themselves, some of whomst gay, some of whomst know each other from previous teams, parenting styles ranging from helicopter to tiger to free-range, but by the season finale battle, they all eventually pull together to get their disaster daughters through in one piece. while they watch from a distance. sipping rosé.

"Were we ever that free with mana usage, Bianca? When we were their age, the damn cat wanted an accounting of every parajoule."

"Steph, I remember you transforming and firing off a Doki-Doki Heart Fire Helix just to light a cigarette."

"Filthy habit. Glad I quit. And Hailey knows damn well not to smoke."

"Can't help but notice Hailey holds her staff the same way."

"Yeah, well, you know. You try to pass down a thing or two, especially when you know how much it smarts if you burn your fingers holding it wrong—"

*a massive explosion, glowering dark clouds backlit by glittering sparks*

"Oh damn. A Shadow Spider Duke went down. To Cadence, I think."

"Blue-green sparks? Yes. That's my Cadie!"

"Weren't you deep blue? Power of the sea and all that?"

"Power of being depressed all the damn time. I don't think I could pull off an Abyssal Crush Vortex now if I wanted to. Thank God for escitalopram. Fortunately, Cadie seems to take after her dad there."

"Still can't believe you turned out straight, Abby."

"I married a guy. _Not_ the same thing, you know that. Also, that's the first Dark Noble, so you all owe me five dollars. Pay up, ladies."

*another explosion, pink lightning and yellow stars*

"Oooh, big one. You know, I missed this. Not enough to keep doing it, obviously."

"I'll drink to that."

"Me too."

*clinking of glasses*

"Was that Avery and Jas?"


"Nice team-up."


"You know what _that_ probably means."

"Oh, I absolutely do, Bianca. It means I knock before I open my kid's door. Don't worry, it's mostly holding hands and blushing. And I've had the Talk with Jasmine."

"Hah. What did you tell her, _exactly_?"

"That I love her and support her, that her flame will burn twice as bright on the battlefield if she truly lets her feelings shine, and that her allowance disappears if I so much as hear the words 'matching tattoos' before they've been together at least a year."

"Mom of the year, right here."

"You betcha." □

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big fan of radical left-wing ideologies like "compassion" and "treating people with respect"

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@taonoui Avocado ist der zweite Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik.

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Who's that just sitting there?

Oh, it's me, putting the cute in executive dysfunction

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Explosion, Beirut 

#DerPostillon überrascht mich immer wieder, wie sensibel man auch satirisch mit einer Situation wie der #Explosion in #Beirut umgehen kann.

Außerdem verbreiten sie Spendenlinks zum Libanesischen Roten Kreuz und Ärzte Ohne Grenzen, die gerade dort wahrscheinlich am besten helfen können:

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Der Datenschutzbeauftragte von Baden-Württemberg hält die Weitergabe von Corona-Gästelisten für unkritisch (derselbe, der es ok findet, in Mannheim 70 Überwachungskameras mit Bewegungserkennung aufzuhängen). Die Begründung erinnert an das berüchtigte "Ich habe nichts zu verbergen": "Ob ich am Samstagabend bei meinem Lieblingsitaliener gesessen habe, ist keine sehr intime Information. Es handelt sich dabei auch nicht um Gesundheitsdaten." #corona #datenschutz #polizei

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Wer kann mit den Begriff AGAB bzw AMAB/AFAB was anfangen?

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"Humans are weird," the cat said.
"I like them," the dog replied.
"Throwing, I ask you. They evolved to be good at throwing."
"And making friends."
"Granted. At least that's useful. But how did throwing happen?"
"One of their early gods," the dog grinned, "owed ours a favour."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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mh pun 

The only thing stable about me is the Debian release channel I use.

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people on masto will literally fav anything

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