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Fremdzuschreibung von Geschlecht 

Wenn irgendwelche Menschen, die von LGBTAIQ+ keine Ahnung haben, ist mir das ja egal. Wenn aber Menschen, die mich besser kennen, mich trotzdem mit unter "cis Männer" zusammenfassen, tut das durchaus weh.

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Fremdzuschreibung von Geschlecht, Twitter repost 


Wenn ihr "cis Männer" schreibt, könntet ihr das übrigens in sehr vielen Fällen ersetzen durch " Personen, die ich für cis Männer halte"

Oder "Personen, die sich selbst für cis Männer halten" oder gar "Personen, die sich vielleicht nicht für cis Männer halten, das aber auch nicht korrigieren, weil das alles ziemlich kompliziert und so ein Outing auch nicht immer so leicht ist"

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covid, depol I guess? 

You know, a major reason politicians - consciously or otherwise - refuse to even consider a total shutdown of most workplaces instead of this wishy-washy everything-but-work-and-school lockdown nonsense is because it may make too many people realize how utterly pointless and unnecessary the majority of work is, and once that genie is out of the bottle, there's no putting it back in.

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In theory, this survey (for *anyone* who lives in an English-speaking country) is open until midday today, UK time - about 4 hours from now.

However, I am in the middle of moving house so it might be open a bit longer...!


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poll; food 

What is the correct word for a poor-quality avocado?

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> Quiz! Is Your Child TEXTING About CODING?

> LGBT: Looks Good But Tweak
> HRT: Hacks at Run Time
> T4T: Taken From Transpiler
> MTF: Make This a Function
> FTN: Fix The Networking
> AMAB: Always Making Awesome Builds
> GRS: Git Rebase and Squash
> TDOV: Technical Debt from Older Versions

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Rollendenken, Ha,Ha,Ha, Röcke sind für alle da.

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Ableism / ways people talk about prince Phillip 

Hey folks. Please consider that your jokes about a bad persons personal appearance only hurts others not them. Because it applies to Phillip.

Because I am sick and I will hopefully get old. I am on a medication that long term causes hair loss and skin discolouration.
I will likely look like that when I am an old man.

Prince Phillip is dead and won’t be affected by being called a ‘zombie’ and ‘rotting’. Older and younger people who are chronically ill or dying and look like that will.

He was evil because he was a racist facist piece of shit. Not because he looked sick and old.

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good morning ✨ don't forget to work towards the redistribution of wealth and the liberation of colonies and semi-colonies in everything you do 💖

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"If my demands are not met," Dr. Dastard said, "my deorbiter ray will begin to bring down satellites. You have two days."
The UN returned the call the next day.
"We will meet your demands if you deorbit defunct satellites and debris."
"We need to tidy up. Please help."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Irregular reminder that cis people may also use neopronouns.

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what if,,, we burned things,,, 😳
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indoctrination is when someone forces you to watch doctor who

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trolling, ableism, attempted seizure inducement 

hello so i’ve been more openly Autistic and Autigender on instagram, and it’s totally backfired for me recently! so allow me to infodump about my least favorite type of troll: the ableist troll

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People whose pronouns are singular they (they/them), which reflexive do you think is correct?

#poll #nonbinary #pronouns

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People whose pronouns are singular they (they/them), which reflexive do you prefer others to use when talking about you?

#poll #nonbinary #pronouns

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"Linke", [de] 

Wenn hier noch einmal irgendwer ein ""Recht auf Arbeit" erwähnt, schrei ich.

Nicht jeder kann arbeiten,
nicht jeder der arbeiten kann wird auch gebraucht,
und Arbeit kann man nicht essen.

Mal ganz davon abgesehen das viele Formen von "Arbeit" von diesen Arbeitermythologen gar nicht als solche angesehen werden.

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politics, hope, 3 words that help me deal with the world (number #3 will shock you) 

Narrative work. Prefiguration. Entryism.

One. Tell people we can be better. A better world isn’t just possible, it’s tried & tested. Show examples. Spread ideas. Shift the discourse from defeatism to what it can be. This toot is narrative work.

Two. Create better spaces right now. Within our constrained possibilities, of course; but at work, in the family, relationships, bring the values to reality, learn to deal with the contradictions, let the waves ripple.

Three. When forced to participate in these rotten systems, do your best to subvert them. Increase the space in the cages. Redirect resources. Tilt the balance. (But beware when fighting monsters.)

All change needs this buildup. Big flashy takeovers are harvest day, this is the seed and the tiling and the watering. This is work to be done, and we can do it right now, every bit is meaningful. No single one of us can save the world, but it more than adds up. It resonates.

If you do this work, you are the revolution.

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Aufgrund der Stimmungsmache von AfD und anderen Rechten gegen eine Flagge der Antifaschistischen Aktion an unserem Bug haben wir uns entschieden, diese zu entfernen. Sie hängt jetzt etwas sichtbarer weiter oben. Gern geschehen.

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Me getting my covid vaccine: so when will I start growing cat ears?

The nurse at the hospital: wtf

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the sweetest most darling people who care for everybody around them feel terrible and personally responsible for all the bad things that are not their fault, carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, it’s a cliché but it's how it is. and the ones directly responsible for all that’s happening think they’re entitled to their position and power and don’t think twice of destroying everything to fulfill their abstract addiction to numbers going up.

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