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gods, I love ! It's so adorable and lovingly made, and while it's pretty hard, it's also super rewarding. I'm just pretty curious about the next stream (next Wednesday *hint hint*), because I'm really not sure what the next step is, where I'm supposed to go next, but we'll figure it out :)

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gosh, that stream was fun!
thanks everyone who stopped by ^-^

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yays, I'll start streaming Tunic in ... checks notes ... 54 minutes ^-^
Come by and watch me squeak about an adorable fox game :3

Tipp, Medikinet 

Ein kleiner Tipp:

Seit Monaten erzählen mir Apotheker*innen in mittlerweile 4 Bundesländern, dass das #ADHS Medikament #MedikinetAdult von der Firma #Medice in gewissen Größen/Dosierungen nicht lieferbar sei.

Mein verschreibender Arzt hat sich nun mit dem Hersteller in Verbindung gesetzt und nachgefragt. Siehe da: Medice sagt, die Lager seien voll. Es sei kein generelles Lieferproblem des Herstellers, sondern ein "politisches" Problem der großen Zwischenhändler die Apotheken beliefern (es hieß, sie würden ihr Kontingent eher ins Ausland verkaufen, weil sie dort mehr verdienen).

Die Apotheker*innen verlassen sich auf die Info dieser Großhändler.

Was kannst du also laut meinem Arzt tun?

Bitte die Apotheke, das Medikament Medikinet adult direkt beim Hersteller Medice statt dem Großhandel zu bestellen, weil es von dort laut diesem lieferbar ist. Dauert etwas länger, soll aber klappen.

Ich hoffe, das hilft.


yays, I'll start streaming Tunic in ... checks notes ... 54 minutes ^-^
Come by and watch me squeak about an adorable fox game :3

Want to know if someone has ADHD? Watch them play an open world game. It's a beautiful yet agonizing ballet of trying to do every side quest at once while simultaneously exploring every inch of the whole world and juggling inventory space for weapons, armor, and crafting ingredients. And after 40 hours of playtime, the central quest line is 5% done and still they haven't met the main NPC.

No one can both love and stress over an open world game more passionately than someone with ADHD.

Hei du,
wir hätten da noch ~500 BA.4/5 Impfdosen die einen Arm suchen!

Du hast Bedarf und Lust auf eine spontane CoViD-Impfungen am 19.11. in #Dortmund?

Wir haben BA.4/5 Booster für alle ab 5 Jahren, plus Erstimpfungen für Kinder. Mindestabstand zur letzten Impfung oder Infektion 3 Monate.

Wenn du Bedarf hast, schreibe uns eine E-Mail mit deinem Namen an Dort bekommst du dann einen Voucher für unser Pretix.

Thinking about streaming Tunic tomorrow evening at 19:00 CET. It's a really cute game, let's see how stream-able it is :)

I'm super excited to head back into the world of Hollow Knight in under 3 hours!

I hope to see y'all there :3

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psa: you don't have to be good at stuff to be loved.

no measures of grades, degrees, titles or professional achievements have anything to do whatsover with your friends caring for you

I'm going to update, expect some brief power outages, and feel free to ignore any containment breach warnings :)

I'm almost certain I'll finetune this setup a bit over the coming weeks, but: I *finally* got around to actually make myself a template to use for the stream schedule art I got a while ago :D Which means: You'll know what I'm streaming in advance :D

OH: "🥺👉👈 what if we make out ... on my girlfriend"

For those of you struggling with an unwieldy new animal in your house, he’s a 1-page RPG to help you settle in! #rpg

From Oliver Darkshire:
(Edited for clarity).

I know GPU timeouts aren't good but with dmesg output this cute, I kind of look forward to them ^.^

Loving @lina's kernel driver so much. And the fault recovery is amazingly stable!

On the Icelandic fediverse/Mastodon I've started seeing people using the word "tútta" for "toot". "tútta" (pronounced toot-ta) is normally a slang term for a boob/tit.

Please reboob this.

Hello new followers! Does anyone have contacts in ethnomusicology? Preferably folks who grew up among non-Western traditions, as there is no shortage of well-meaning Westerners who dabble in other traditions.

As chair of the MIDI 2.0 Pitch and Tuning subcommittee I'm looking for connections with practitioners of underrepresented musical traditions, to inform us as we lay the groundwork for a next-gen standard which isn't quite so piano-shaped.

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