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asking for gardening advice, boosts welcome 

Does anyone know fruit or berries that one can grow inside with very limited sunlight?

I'm trying to bring some life to a dark and unnecessarily long hallway in our apartment but I don't want to have to get grow lamps for every single plant

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question about autism, :boost_requested: 

My girlfriend's wondering if other autistic people have trouble figuring out what clothes to wear based on being told what the temperature is outside. Do other autistic folks also find that difficult? Is this something allistic folks have trouble with? Boosts very appreciated!

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You know those really annoying websites that ask you to fill out a form but they won’t let you paste? So you have to (for example) carefully type a long bank account number by hand instead of just pasting it?

Turns out there are browser extensions that can prevent specified sites from turning off paste.

In Chrome: “Don't F*** With Paste,” by Jacob Swanner. (

In Firefox: “Don't Fuck With Paste,” by Aaron R, based on the Chrome extension. (

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Oh hey! This week I'm *not* gonna forget to announce my stream again :D
@lara and I are gonna try and prevent Xemnas from controlling Kingdom Hearts again.

KH2 rando! Enjoy the prestream music until the main stream starts in about 15 minutes :) is where you need to go ;)

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gender neutral term for catgirl/catboy 

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Tired: I missed a meeting.

Wired: I evaded a meeting.

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why did they call them PPAs and not headcanonicals
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I guess I should also just do an ask here as well. If anyone has any recommendations for an entry-level IT support job or a graduate 3D modelling job I can maybe do, please let me know. I've been having a hard time searching on job sites to the point I've given up for now.

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wage labour, self promo 

I have written a ranty post about mandatory work hours and why we should get rid of them.

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lesbian facts: the liquid inside of many lesbians is called "blood", and has sentimental importance to them

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job search post, please boost 

I’d like to try to get a job, I:

live in italy
strongly prefer working remotely but i intend to move out soon
english is my primary language and i can speak italian natively

I am very experienced with low level development (especially in C and assembly for x86, arm and risc-v), especially in the context of drivers. I also have experience with embedded and especially bare metal development and linux porting on arm and risc-v.

More details in my CV:

Links for the mentioned projects contain sensitive information and will be provided on-demand.

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jsyk the most recent video of Kurzgesagt titled "Is Civilization on the Brink of Collapse?" is a _propaganda piece_ for two terrible and interrelated political movements, "effective altruism" and "longtermism".

learn more about what these are from this TWSU podcast episode:

thread in which I summarise parts of the episode:

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For 100 years, the version of Dracula that was being sold in the Icelandic language was actually an entirely new piece of fanfiction written by the translator. And apparently it's really fucking good, so it has recently been translated back into English as "Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula"

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pondering about my own racism, somewhat mh meta 

I just realized that a lot of what I thought of as my own racism was actually intrusive thoughts.
Those obviously do change my behavior in a negative way too, esp since I was actively overcorrecting for them. But I have to approach them differently to the other racism stuff.

So I guess I now have to untangle what is intrusive thought and what isn't.

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Heard the story of the girl throwing starfish into the ocean? A man watching her says "don't you know there are miles of beach and you can't make a difference?"

The girl bends down and scoops up another starfish and gently throws it into the ocean, turns to the man and says "it made a difference to that one".

I often think of this story when world events make me feel powerless. I can't help everyone, but I can help *someone*.

So... if anyone needs me to throw them into the sea, I'm here.

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If you can never remember if you've already sent a follow request to someone, I have a tip for you.

When I send a follow request, I now write it on their profile since you can leave a note there!

Perhaps that's obvious, but I still share it in case than can help, especially if you have ADHD, are autistic and / or deal with memory problems!


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