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for those not grinding their souls away 9-5 and are comfortable sharing, what do y'all do to pay the bills? feel free to boost, just looking for non-conventional income ideas

we live more in a ponzi scheme than a society, doesn't really encourage me to go break myself in half willingly stepping back into the grind, especially given how badly i was exploited at my last job...

thanks in advance!

Maybe kinda got distracted halfway through.
Update done, atmospheric pressure (and the small leak in section B) should be back to nominal levels.

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I will update now. Expect some inconsistent atmospheric pressure for a bit.

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Other people: "Oh no, my partner looked at someone else, I bet they no longer love me."

Polyam people: *Laying in bed together, brainstorming a good response to someone admitting a crush to one of them

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"Try or try not. There is no do."
- executive dysfunction yoda

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We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

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Our house of neurodivergent people has found a thing useful: when approaching someone and not sure if they are in a conversational headspace, just say “engage?” as in is it ok to engage with you now, no problem either way just nod or shake head or say no. It’s minimal interruption and there’s no judgement either way.

Gosh, today was incredible! Such lovely beings to hang out with, it was great! Thank you, and see you tomorrow!

Today's edition of "feeling old" is presented by: apparently I now have a bunch of white hair?!?

Like, this is fine, but I am so confused!

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

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allergy meds, question 

Are there any stronger otc antihistamines than Cetirizin?

I think it doesn't cut it for me right now :/

oof, today was a lot. Also nice, but also a *lot*.

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After last weeks break, I'll be back today with - you guessed it! - KH2 rando! Playing coop again with @lara.
Starting in less than 15 minutes over at - the pre stream is on already.

yay, streaming later tonight at 19:00 ^_^

Kingdom Hearts 2 randomizer with @gRuFtY

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we should start using the word sigmundfreude like the word schadenfreude when we talk about making overtly lewd interpretations of things that are non-lewd on surface

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Boost this if you like soup or

if you wanna destroy capitalism

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Stream start in less than 15 minutes! More KH2 rando with @lara! The prestream is already on, so I'll see you all there :)

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linguistics, etymology, colonialism, Star Trek 

Did you know?

Persian "farangi" -->
Urdu/Hindi "firangi" -->
English (Star Trek) "Ferengi"

In South Asia, the term describes foreigners, specifically British but also more generally white Europeans.

It's such an apt name for the Star Trek species which embodies and makes a literal religion out of everything that is wrong with British/European/USian colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy; greed, sexism, profiteering, classism, racism, and so on.

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