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Bad Brain: Wohlfühlkurort

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the existence of english implies the existence of a more accurate language, engl

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reminder that the etsy strike/boycott is 11th-18th April :)

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Did you know: If you give an LED enough power, it will continue to glow after the power is removed? This is the result of a phenomena called "Catching on fire" and it can only be done once.

shitpost, drone kink I guess? 

"Java is installed on 3 billion devices. You could be one of them."

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Roses are red
LaTeX is great
Overfull \hbox at line 38

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For most of recent history, up until about 60 years ago, the act of creation was just a part of life. Everyone sang or played an instrument or wrote or performed or danced or Something.

But recording technology turned creative output in to a path to fortune and fame. Suddenly, if you weren't exceptional, then why were you trying at all?

This concept is, of course, bullshit.

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tipps um geräte zu finden, die random (mal sinds zwei wochen, mal drei) den fi-schutzschalter für die küche raushauen? fi zum dazwischenstecken hat nicht geholfen, der im sicherungskasten ist gleich schnell, und bei stromlos löst der zwischensteck-fi auch aus, also lässt sich nicht sagen ob es die steckdose oder eine andere war :blobfoxtableflip:

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Working in IT is problem solving. Like, constantly. If something is running successfully, you get to enjoy it for an hour or something. Then there’s the next feature to build, or the next bug to solve. You’re never running out of to-dos.

And it’s fucking exhausting.

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Update of to Mastodon v3.5.0 completed.
All systems should be stable again.

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I'll update, expect minor power fluctuations.

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this polycule is a stub. you can help by expanding it!

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Es gibt vom RKI übrigens eine Umfrage zur Gesundheit von trans Personen besonders mit Hinblick auf STIs. Vielleicht wollt ihr da ja teilnehmen wenn ihr ins Spektrum der Umfrage fallt. :trans_flag:

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the 10 commandments of not gatekeeping 

1. thou shalt not use jargon about thy craft with a lay audience.

2. thou shalt not discourage enthusiasm about thy craft.

3. thou shalt not define who is allowed practice thy craft.

4. thou shalt not draw lines between "legitimate" and "illegitimate" ways of practicing thy craft.

5. thou shalt embrace and allow new technologies and techniques in thy craft.

6. thou shalt not obfuscate the ways to get into thy craft.

7. thou shalt embrace and allow different ways of practicing thy craft that accommodate for disabilities.

8. thou shalt not place arbitrary demands on new people entering thy craft in order to consider them "true members" of thy community.

9. thou shalt communicate openly and honestly about thy craft with other people.

10. thou shalt not unfairly emphasize bad or difficult things about thy craft over good or easy things about it.
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the "ironically meowing" to "unironically meowing" to "meowing as a verbal stim" pipeline

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