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I have updated to Mastodon 3.1.5 (it's comprised of security fixes)

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This is Deinococcus radiodurans. These bacteria may be the toughest organisms in the world, surviving dehydration, cold, acid, and vacuum, and withstanding more radiation than probably any other living thing.

Some scientists have considered using them as a way of storing data to survive an apocalypse. In 2003, researchers encoded the song It's A Small World into DNA, engineered it into D. radiodurans, and managed to retrieve it without errors 100 generations later.

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Yeah it's a meme that trans girls all have the same 10 names but in our defense they're really pretty names

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did that cruel angel ever get their doctorate?

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i have cat like reflexes. if i see a cat, i like it reflexively.

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“The ancient ones taught us language and gave us all we needed. Legends say they could create food from metal!”

“Do you really believe the stories though?”

“I'm not sure, but they must have been very advanced to leave such huge ruins.”

“Maybe they were just very tall?”

“Perhaps. There are relics that show us how they looked. Here's a picture of an ancient one.”

“Two legs?” Her ears folded back in surprise. “Weird.” She licked her paw thoughtfully.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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idea: first episode of a show we show a black witch re-casting an HRT spell.

"A year and a day, should be permanent now."

And then the show moves on. Not entirely ignoring that she's trans but not exclusively focusing on it either. Sometimes it matters more that she's a woman, sometimes that she's black, sometimes that she's trans, mostly that she's a witch.

Stories about our struggles are important but sometimes you just wanna see trans gals living their lives.

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de, Infos zu Transition gesucht, Ableismus?, boost +++ 

Wie finde ich denn heute aktuelle Anlaufstellen für med./rechtliche Transition? Infos von meiner Erfahrung sind ja so ca. 20 Jahre alt und damit veraltet...

Ginge insbesondere um eine autistische trans Person...

(Sprich evtl. extra nötig, dass es Anlaufstellen sind, die Autist_innen nicht ausschließen)

Interesse generell aber speziell Südwest-de

Gerne rt/boost!

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hiv/aids testing, covid 

HIV transmissions have plummeted during covid-19 lockdown
The HIV chain is broken.
If you order a free home testing kit now, we can keep transmissions down and beat HIV. We may never get this opportunity again. (UK only)

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On blocking 

Block and mute early

Block and mute often

Do it for reasons that are entirely "selfish"

No one is entitled to your attention

There will not be a test

Nothing bad happens if you don't hear them

Too many techbros? Mute 'em all

That one guy's jokes need a CW? Your timeline can be full of other stuff

You can even mute that one person's boosts while keeping their posts

It's not censorship; you're not hurting that person

And you don't ever need to explain it or tell anyone

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Listening to bardcore and I have to guess what song it is. @Tomatinchen finds this highly amusing.

done \o/
Time: 00:25:06

Everything should be working now.

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Wunderschön, wenn auf der rechten Seite des Fortschrittsbalkens nur Fragezeichen stehen. Ich bin gespannt wie lange diese Storagemigration braucht.
Laut Terminal ist die ETA ??:??:??

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I'm going to upgrade mastodon and the server, es kann zu kurzfristigen wacklern und ausfällen kommen.

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I wrote A Thing on changing the default branch name used by new Git repositories created with `git init`:

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