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covid-19, gratitude 

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the chosen family equivalent of sister in law is sister in crime send toot

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OH: "Du flüstert also"
"Mir wird nur zugeflüstert"
"Du flüstert passiv"

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In 200 years the English word for “cat” will be “chonk” and no one will remember why

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Da ich es bei immer mehr Menschen hier lese: Für alle die jetzt plötzlich im Home-Office sitzen und noch nicht wissen wie sie sich da am Besten organisieren sollen. Ich hab da mal meine Erfahrungen aus 3 Jahren Home-Office aufgeschrieben:

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The voice comes from behind me. I turn around, and there is nothing there. Literally nothing.
"It's me, the Void."
"Hi," I say.
"Are you okay? Only, you haven't come to scream for a while."
I gesture helplessly.
"I know," the Void says. "But if you need me..."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Corona, spoonie Perspektive, Medikamente 

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In The Rogue's Share, a lot of the usual structures of ttrpgs are inverted.

There's only one player (the rogue) and everyone else occupies the "gm" position. Only the rogue does prep, by coming up with schemes, or as the game puts it "planning your next move"

In The Rogue's Share, prep is a lot of fun, because you job is to come up with entertaining plans to rip off rich people. You play to see if your schemes will work, and the mechanics are designed to constantly throw wrenches in your plans

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Capybaras are the most chill animals in the world and basically all other animals seem love just hanging out with them?

This is exactly the kind of energy I want to bring to the world.

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Speaking of publishing, here's my update on being listed on Scarlet Ferret, an curated indie ebookshop with a commitment to fair pay for authors and fair taxes.

-80% author earnings and transaction fees are absorbed by the shop
-Completely transparent about their profit
-Take author advice and input on board.
-Gorgeous custom book pages
-Content warnings!
-Beautiful sales widgets to use on your own site
-Provides free ISBNs to its listed authors
-Promotes the books it lists


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So a few weeks ago I had a job interview that I set an alarm for. My phone didn't charge and died before letting the alarm go. Which would be awful BUT





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Ab sofort: Nach telefonischer Rücksprache mit ihrem Arzt können Patienten mit leichten Erkrankungen der oberen Atemwege eine Bescheinigung auf Arbeitsunfähigkeit bis max. sieben Tage ausgestellt bekommen und müssen dafür keine Praxis aufsuchen.

Gilt ab sofort und erst mal für vier Wochen.

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Liebe TL, wisst ihr wo ich in Deutschland getrocknete (nicht gefriergetrocknete) Kräuter her bekomme?

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Texte gesucht; Gewalt- und Missbrauchserfahrungen und trotzdem BDSM? 

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To the new folks who dont know me, this is my most famous post from my old account and pretty much a good summary of my whole thing I got going on:

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The cat sniffed at the outstretched finger.

It was cold, hard and smelled of static.

With the mildest of shrugs, which for a feline is a tiny shuddering of the tail, the cat rubbed her face against it, and the rest of the hand for good measure.

She then twined around the crouching body the hand was part of, purring loudly. It was person-shaped enough.

The android had made a friend, and it felt...

It felt for the very first time.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Caturday #SciFi

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