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mastodon question 

If someone moves accounts using the built in mastodon feature to also move their followers, does that also migrate blocks?

It would be pretty neat if someone I blocked couldn’t just move accounts and spam me with follow requests again.

I kind of doubt it because that user’s server does not need to know they’re blocked but maybe if someone on my instance follows the blocked person, the instance could also block the new account for me.

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paid gig, queer speakers :boost_ok: 

Hello ✨

We’re looking for speakers to give talks on how they deal with and overcome challenges in their career. We’re a tech company but any industry would work; for the most part we all face similar challenges.

This will be a monthly/quarterly event on our side. So the more submissions I get the better :Flag_Pride:.

You can reply to this toot or email me at zoe.bijl at

Thank you 🌈

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tech, long, questionable information about charging cycles 

@gRuFtY @dysphoricunicorn From what I can gather by reading Apple‘s website and talking to a friend who knows more about how batteries work:

For Li(po|ion) batteries as in phones, half a cycle is only half a cycle, so it doesn’t matter how often you plug it in. For Ni(mh|cd), half a cycle is as bad as a full cycle.

On the other hand, Li-ion batteries like to be between 20% and 80% loaded. iOS 13 has a “machine learning” algorithm to learn when you get up in the morning and will keep the battery at 80% before that.

On even another hand, the batteries also like to not be charged or discharged, so when they’re on a charging mat or plugged in and kept at a constant charge, that is also good.

If you plan to store your device, charge it to 50% and turn it off, re-charge to 50% every 6 months.

In summary: It’s complicated. The “if I charge it a bit it uses a whole cycle” is from nickel and not relevant for lithium batteries.

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ADHD Superthread repost 

Most people are under the impression ADHD is somehow a 'deficit of attention,' but it could equally and quite appropriately be framed as having higher than normal neurological requirements for stimuli.

When ADHD kids especially seem to bounce from subject to subject "mindlessly," what they're doing is not just randomly slopping through whatever without paying attention. They're running through lists of potentially stimulating subjects until they find one that suits their high requirements.

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Celebrate your accomplishments even if they don't feel big. It's still an accomplishment and it should be celebrated. You did good!

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did you know you can listen to a podcast of former members from the Black Panthers? you can listen to JoNina Abron-Ervin, editor of the Black Panther Newspaper, and Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, author of "Anarchism and the Black Revolution", talking anarchism on


Re: Controversial take re: capitalism (2a/4) 

@IngaLovinde If you just do UBI and leave it at that, it wouldn't be enough for certain disabled people who need expensive accommodations, thus then falling through the cracks.
I guess it would work if you vastly expanded what health insurance pays for and rip out their money-maximisation shit.

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I'm looking to update my twitch layout, panels and cards. Looking for something unintrusive, modern looking. Do I know someone who is familiar with designing something like that?
Feel free to drop me a DM (ideally with some examples + pricing) if you feel like that's you.

#twitch #streaming #layout #graphicdesign

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Privately done Bloodwork  

Okay so I want to cut out the middle creature and have my own blood work done. Does anyone know Labs in germany that take blood from a private person and don't require interactions with my GP?
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A friend asked me to help her with an ebook she had purchased from which she could not copy any text. It was protected by DRM. It seems that printing it to another PDF file from Okular can do the trick. Don't ever do that, as it is illegal. I did not try to do it, of course. As well as I did not try to convert it to PS and then back to PDF, because it had never worked for me before with other kinds of restrictions. This is knowledge you should never acquire nor share with your followers.

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You might have noticed that the last ~day you had to few pictures in your TL. That's because we ran out of diskspace. The issue is fixed now.
So you should be seeing all the new toots in the top of your timeline. And yes, that means the TL is not chronologically right now. I could rebuild the TLs, but then you wouldn't see which toots you missed, so I'll leave it like that unless you object.

out of context, shitpost 

"Tickling isn't skipping" -me

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Since I perpetually feel spite towards the whole 'evil races' thing in DnD as well as too many fantasy settings writing off wetlands as bad and sinister, my newest character is a drow raised in a peaceful, loving goblin and orc community in a swamp. They all love their elf son very much.

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am sending you some paws as a reminder to pause and take a break :3

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You can find out more about me and the kind of things I make on my site:

Also very happy to host others on my own site!

Just thought I'd send this wish out into the void.

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Hi, um,

I'd really like to do more guest posts and things this year. 😅

If you're an author, blogger, podcaster, or someone who would like to host a queer autistic fantasy author for a guest post, interview, or similar, please message me!

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