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Suche bis spätestens Oktober eine WG in Karlsruhe, am liebsten queer und linksversifft. Boosts appreciated.

re: food and shouting in linked video 

@gRuFtY uiii \o/

food and shouting in linked video 

Me: "I wanna bake that"
@Tomatinchen "You don't have to bake every cake just because someone yelled at it!"

we watched this:

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chronic illness/survey/:boost_requested: 

The Chronic Illness Survey Adventure (Symptom Cluster Characterization in Complex Chronic Disease) is a survey-based study to probe more deeply into ME/CFS, long COVID, POTS, hEDS, and MCAS.

They want your help to gather the richest dataset on complex chronic disease ever created.


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New Mastodon moderation tool 

Hello #fediblock and #mastoadmin! Please forgive me, I don't actually have an instance block recommendation in this post. However, if you're looking in either of these hashtags, I think you'll appreciate what I do have quite a bit.

I've developed a userscript that lets you perform moderation actions on remote instances extremely quickly and conveniently from the Mastodon frontend. Just highlight a domain, right click, and open a tab to a pre-filled New Domain Block form.

Unfortunately, this only works on Mastodon specifically (as well as its forks).

To install it, follow the instructions on the installation page. All you need to do is make sure you have Tampermonkey installed and then type your instance domain into a box. The page itself answers a few questions that I've anticipated receiving but feel free to ask me about it if you're interested.

I hope that people find this useful!

Stumbled upon another three-letter-acronym with too many meanings (DDD)

"TLAs should be banned"
…no, I didn't notice

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Can anyone recommend a Heart Rate Monitor that has a customizable upper alarm for heart rate? I am looking for something I can set to tell me every time I go above 100 bpm. I.e. via vibration or sound.

Ideally a wrist HRM, but I'll consider other options.



@GwenfarsGarden if their optical guesstimation is good enough, the mi band 4 seems to have that option.
Minimum alert value is 100bpm.
(I haven't tried it yet)

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"I need a spell to make my boss notice me," the customer twitched, looking around the store, over the counter, anywhere but at her. "I work hard, need a raise. I'm broke. I'm told you take favours?"

"I do," She curled a wicked smile.

"I guess I have no choice. What'll it be?"

"Do my grocery shopping for me? I just haven't had time this week."

"Oh," he relaxed a little. "Oh. Is that all?"

"Pick up a parcel for me too and I'll throw in a free luck charm."

#MicroFiction #TootFic #Writing

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Just got turned on to this, and oh my gosh am I excited:

It's a collection of fonts, themes, keyboards and caps you can use to code while being cute as hell. (Fantasque Sans Mono even has liiiigatures!)

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Merlin has arrived to let me know that Sunshine Time is over, and now it is Cuddle Time.

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🎶Rolling in the sunlight! Look at Merlin rolling in the sunliiight!🎶

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What's a pirate's favourite programming language? (bad joke) 

You might think it's R, but their first love is the C.

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Silica Gel Pack
This is not a snack of honor
no highly edible substance is commemorated here

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purposes of cat:
-warm up toes
-yell at ghost (note: this does not frighten or expel ghost)

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"Oh, hi, nice to see you! I didn't expect to see you at a pub! "
"Well, the moon is full."
"Why, are you a werewolf?"
"A werewere."
"I don't usually go out, but I was once bitten by an extrovert, so when the moon is full I crave company."
"Well, nibbled."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@vicorva "it’s not a story about questioning or finding identity, but just involves living it."
Gosh yes, we need more stories like this 💙

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subtoot backwards is tootbus. anyone wanna take a ride on the tootbus??

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@hafnia panda: evidence that God is lazy, since They reused the paint job for the world's most violent dolphin on the world's most vegetarian bear

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black bears: adorable garbage disposals, give a wide berth, but they're (usually) cowards, so worst-case just make a lot of noise and try to convince them you are not worth eating.

grizzly bears: avoid!!! worst-case play dead, but lbr you don't want to be where these guys are.

polar bears: ???? why would you EVER decide to go where there are polar bears? -10/10 don't be a fool, worst-case is you DIE.

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