food containing meat 

First dish cooked in the new wok ^-^ (unfortunately didn't turn out quite as I wanted, but it was still nice)

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food (vegetarian) 

Made fried rice earlier, and besides way too much salt (oops), it was really good, need to do that more often :blobnomcookie:
Also maybe need a wok x)

something, something, rapid prototyping

(trust me, doing this makes sense in context)

food (non-vegan) 

Successfully made poutine again on Saturday, with this gravy that does not contain pumpkin. It was, once again, really yum :3

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food (non-vegan) 

Made "poutine" today, and gosh it was so good. Definitely need to make than again!

terrible joke 

You have to BeTisTrans to drive this truck.


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