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you haven’t lived until you’ve realized that a crow is skipping out of joy because it found some salami

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@popstar Not a person of color, but we're a plural trans writer.

All our stuff involves trans girls as the main protagonist, though most is incomplete atm. However, we have one major set of stories that we do plan on completing.

The Shadow is a trilogy of novellas centered around a dark magical girl of the same name, the first of which is already finished and published on our site. (Mind the cws)

@KitsuneAlicia tracks our updates and the site is:

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re: MOGAI vs LGBT discourse 

to be clear, there ARE clear benefits to switching to MOGAI:

- MOGAI stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex. It covers your bases and doesn't single any orientation or gender out specifically while leaving others out entirely or forcing them to be acknowledged under another term (for example, pan and polysexual are considered to be under the bi umbrella, but these folks often feel left out bc they don't use bi as their label)

- There's clearly no room for "the A is for Ally, not Asexual" bullshit, since the letters aren't different orientations and genders.

- You're not constantly adding onto the acronym to try and fill gaps.

- It includes everyone who previously wasn't represented. This includes non-trans N-B folks, xenogender folks, pansexuals, polysexuals, and tons more.

- Succinct and easy to pronounce.

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self reminder. maybe for you too 

it's okay to take up space in other people's life and in conversation. is okay to ask for attention. is okay to initiate contact.

Should anyone need a name for a psychedelic rock album: Blissful Anxiety

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@hafnia @pelagikat May I humbly submit this for your consideration.

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job search, boosts + 

Anyone looking for a full stack developer, remote or in Berlin?

My qualifications are
- 3+ years experience working in web development with PHP & JavaScript
- Above average knowledge concerning accessible and resource friendly frontend development
- Some working experience with python
- I’m very eager to learn new things

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Do I want to
- date her
- be her
- heal her while she tanks
- form an artist cooperative with her
- live with her and seven alpacas in a countryside cottage
- date her wife
- live with her and her wife in a larger countryside cottage
- curl up and make cat sounds in her presence

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That feeling of spiciness you get from chilli peppers and the cold feeling you get from menthol is not actually part of your sense of taste, smell, or touch. Instead, it's a distinct type of perception called chemesthesis.

Protip if you're proofreading a book: Check whether the app, with which you make notes, can actually export those notes. Apparently ReadEra can't.

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my partner stumbled on this and I've been thinking about it ever since

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Wenn du's beim Kochen mal wieder übertrieben hast.

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I just heard about The StoryGraph, which is currently in beta. Tt's apparently a non-Amazon Goodreads alternative (without being social media), founded by a Black woman. Link to the beta site is at the bottom of this page:

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Jobsuche Berlin/Remote (Lang) 

Hallo Mastodon!
Ich suche ab vermutlich November einen Job als Softwareentwickler in Berlin oder Remote. Ich habe gerade meine Ausbildung als Mathematisch-technischer Softwareentwickler abgeschlossen und schreibe gerade noch meine Bachelorarbeit des dualen Studiums.

Bis jetzt habe ich in der Forschung gearbeitet, hauptsächlich in der medizinischen Signalverarbeitung. An Programmiersprachen kann ich Java und Python, Grundlagen in C++ sind auch vorhanden.

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