Got a bit of a weird problem with pulseaudio: Audio using my usb audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen) works fine, until I open pavucontrol.
When pavucontrol is opened, it seems to switch modes, and i get crackling noises in the output audio. Killing and restarting pulseaudio fixes the problem.

What should I do to diagnose that problem further? `diff`-ing the output of `pactl list sinks` shows only the latency has changed.

[please boost/rt]

@franzi the first thing I noticed that after pavucontrol, your HDA Intel PCH device is pulled idle, possibly leading to crosstallk.

@maris hmmmm, sounds reasonable. now have to find out how to disable that interface, to test that

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@maris Best case would be if i could disable internal audio in the bios :/

@franzi I havent played with pulse audio since I switched to jack, wich is a different level of pain to get working.

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