Got a bit of a weird problem with pulseaudio: Audio using my usb audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen) works fine, until I open pavucontrol.
When pavucontrol is opened, it seems to switch modes, and i get crackling noises in the output audio. Killing and restarting pulseaudio fixes the problem.

What should I do to diagnose that problem further? `diff`-ing the output of `pactl list sinks` shows only the latency has changed.

[please boost/rt]

This is the output of `pactl list sinks` before and after running pavucontrol:

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okay, if i `rmmod snd_hda_intel`, everything works as intended, even when opening pavucontrol.

So there must be some weird issue related to the (second, unused, muted) audio interface changing from SUSPENDED to IDLE when opening pavucontrol.

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But how do i debug this? I have no clue how to use gdb or such things to dig into that deeper :/

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