Liebe Elektronik-Menschen, ich habe angehängtes Schaltbild. Die Steuerung des Transistors liefert aber nur 3.3V ... Kann ich das einfach so dranhängen oder muss ich da was anderes basteln?

@franzi My German is very rusty, but from the gist of what you're saying and what's on there, if you stick 3.3V on that base you'll likely blow both the transistor and the LED.
Are you perhaps trying to control a power LED using a microcontroller?

@tomas yes. That's why I asked "what do i need to do"

@franzi Well, you need some kind of ballast resistor or constant current source like LEDs almost always do. Then just an N-channel MOSFET between that and ground. Assuming the LED is 7V, 700 mA then something like the pic attached.
If you need higher efficiency then you'll want to use a switching constant current driver. That only really needed for battery powered stuff
@franzi Forgot to mention, but the MOSFET needs a low enough gate threshold voltage, typically called something like logic compatible
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