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trying out new pronouns because why not, she/they will still be fine but I wanna see how I feel about doe as a pronoun.


example sentence provided by Pronoun Dressing Room:

Hello! Today I met a being who goes by Eliza. doe has a wonderful personality. That smile of does really makes me happy. I could talk to doe all day although doe doesn't talk about doeself much. I wonder if does day has been wonderful. I hope so!

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cn food(meat) 

eating nuggets with a fork and with fingers is just such a different experience lol

Entschuldigt den Fehler, scheinbar faehrt der Kerl n Audi aber fuck it, soll halt auch brennen

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s2g at this point I'll just set up a DSK game for those two.

I should honestly do that lol

just attract trans girls with low fantasy medieval setting but you play cats

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*forever gm noises*

how do I make two players not play the same class and species because uwu magic catgirl?

nett fuer storytelling und cyoa mit hoerspielmoeglichkeit aber bringt halt nichts zum gameplay bei

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sprachausgabe, heinz sprachausgabe (wortloses gequaengel), ambiente musik und automatisches weiterblaettern ist schon nett

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splittermond solo abenteuer per app anstelle der einsteigerbox klingt halt schon sehr gut soweit

Hi, I'm trying to fund my novel THE BEAUTIFUL DECAY on Kickstarter!

What do the dead have to fear? A town of necromancers faces its biggest challenge yet: strange red fungi and the paladins they attract.

A queer fantasy with a dark aesthetic and a kind heart.

🧟 pet zombies
🐈 a very good cat
📚 secret libraries
🍄 fungal horror
:heart_sp_pride: light queer romance
:blobfoxcatsnuggle: found family
💀 a community of outcasts



urgghghghgh credit card only shops or services is a cursed concept

on a more light hearted note, got DSA5 starter box now.

let's find out whether this is another dust collecting box or finally gets me a nice playgroup again

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cn mental health ~-, positive thing 

just walked into game store after having had a rough day and greeted the being behind the counter with "how are you doing?" and got "better, now you're here" in response

I don't care whether that was casual smalltalk response, sales tactic or genuine. what mattered is that I felt welcomed and valued. and I needed to hear that today.

OH: "So if all your humors dry out, they're still in balance, right?"
- "That's how you get zombies!"
- "That's why they look so healthy!"

self OH: *opens covid test*
"Oh boi, I hope I pull a mythic"

what do you mean a bridesmaid doesn't get to wear a maid uniform? it says maid right here!

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since this is absolutely going viral:

check in on your trans friends. it's scary times for us again and a lot of us are not doing great.
ask what you can do for them, even if it's just buying them an emotional support pizza.

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curse the gf for boosting the post of garfiled comic lol

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