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#OH: "Da ist ne Chaospost! Ach nee das ist nur ne gelbe Hose"

Caffeinated carbonated beverages can be exchanged for goods and services

make sure those around you stay hydrated and out of the sun as well

cn tattoo documentation 

Two weeks old, likely gonna peel another layer where there's a lot of dense colour
Looking great still!

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Ah btw

Will be at gpn it seems
Just look out for a doe

partial ec, selfie, boosts appreciated 

I'm actually quite happy that I finally have a somewhat good passing even without make-up.

Reminder: If you attend #GPN20, consider labeling your devices. :)

DHL fuckup 

Brauchst einmal was zeitkritisch und nich mal dann kriegen sies geschissen

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DHL fuckup 

"Mi, 18.05.2022, 08:12
Die Sendung wurde leider fehlgeleitet. Gegebenenfalls verzögert sich dadurch die Zustellung."

You are shitting me

selfie, ec, kitty ears, boosts appreciated 

Dragonkitty Ears done and already deployed! Now:

meooowwwww looking for cuddles and scritches!

“Violence is never the answer” is a common refrain from people who have never been forced to fight for their lives and I, for one, am tired of society taking this refrain seriously when it comes from people privileged enough to have never been in these kinds of positions.

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