cn queer politics 

Trans* activism powered by rage

Not taking spaces the cis provide for us so they can further oppress us and make sure we're doing as they say
But taking spaces we need and want and show them we're not playing by the rules set by people who have no clue about what being trans* is like.

I'm not fighting for acceptance the way you want to.
I'm fighting for acceptance by being as uncomfortable to you as possible.

I wish all of you non-binary people a very gay international non-binary day!

cn wordfuckery with trans terminology 

OH: "Transsexuell? Meinen Sie Chaser?"

I severely underestimated the amount of work that goes into a stop motion movie

4 seconds of film at 15 frames per second took me 12 minutes.


cn selfie (eyecontact), TDoV 

Oh deer I'm queer.


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